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Gol Bezan is the first dedicated independent podcast in the world that concentrates on Iranian football. We cover everything from Iranian national team to the domestic leagues. We interview coaches, players and other notable figures surrounding Iranian or Asian football.

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Interview: Rui Tavares & Miguel Teixeira of Zob Ahan FC

Rui Tavares- Zob Ahan FC's Goalkeeper 

Miguel Teixeira- Zob Ahan FC's First Assistant Coach of Zob Ahan

This two fantastic gentleman discussed with us about their time thus far working in Iran. Why did they leave Portugal for Iran? What have they seen from Iranian players? Thoughts on Iranian football and many other more topics. Enjoy!


Pasha Hajian

Pasha Hajian


Founder of Gol Bezan Podcast | Manchester United and Team Melli supporter| University of Florida alumni | J.D. candidate at University of California Davis, School of Law 

Country of residence: U.S. 

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